Derby City Classic 2015

JP Parmentier Facebook posts

The Derby City Classic is a unique event on the pool scene. Already in its 17th year, it is nothing short of a marathon for the 400+ registered players, who can compete in many tournaments, around the clock, for ten days.

As the Derby founder Greg Sullivan would say: »If you haven’t missed anything, we haven’t done our job right ». It’s the feeling you get after spending a few hours in the venue. While you could be witnessing a great battle between World-class players, you’re probably missing out on another thriller, a few tables apart. That’s the paradox of this event: you see great pool for ten days, but you also miss a lot of the action.

You can see a lot more on AZBilliards’s albums by clicking here.

I also posted a few shots in a Facebook album where I pictured a few regulars such as Shane Van Boening, Dennis Orcollo or John Brumback, a formidable banks player.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Diamond Billiards for welcoming me to their event once again, as well as Billiards Digest and AZBilliards for their help.

Post by JP Parmentier