« Freeze Frame »: my dream project :)

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With the decline of paper magazines and books and the uprise of digital media, there has been only so few options to showcase my work in good fashion. When we talk about paper, there’s one thing we’re all working for: a cover shot. Because it’s what everybody will see. But having a double-spread is right up there too in the wishlist. So, what about a double-spread every month?

Thanks to Mike Panozzo at Billiards Digest, I’ve been able to display a single picture on a double-spread every month since november 2014. What an honor! Mike had been doing the same in Luby’s Bowlers Journal for a little while and he trusted me to deliver great content for this section, every month.
Below is a slider with the first three « Freeze Frame » published between december 2014 and february 2015. The subjects range from arena shots (the Mosconi Cup) to portraits (Shane Van Boening waiting for a match, and Lee Vann Corteza displaying his tatooed body). I had a lot of fun discussing with Mike, selecting the shots and giving him tips to work on his text.

  • Freeze Frame - 2014/12
  • Freeze Frame - 2015/01
  • Freeze Frame - 2015/02

You can see more « Freeze Frame » in my Publications

This project has also been a great way to thank my main photography gear partner Nikon France for their support. They’ve been fantastic with me and the camera info that is displayed is really not much of a commercial stunt, rather than interesting info for all photography enthusiasts. I know for a fact that a lot of you enjoy reading the EXIF data watermarked on my facebook posts, following which I always get quite a few messages asking for equipment or setup advices.

Coming back to the project and its host Billiards Digest, I would like again to thank their team and also, everyone of you who support paper magazines by subscribing. If you enjoy pool and you’re not yet a subscriber, you should seriously consider it and go to billiardsdigest.com!