Lexar HR2 Workflow

Lexar Workflow Hub HR2 speed test: WOW!

JP Parmentier My news

With the growth of social media and more demand for fast delivery of the pictures, I was very happy to see Lexar come up with a thunderbolt card reader – the Workflow HR2 Hub. I had already a few readers for CF, SD and XQD that were USB3 compatible, but plugging them into the hub made a major difference.

On day 2 of the Mosconi Cup I took the time to make a video, as I got a few questions on facebook about how I unload my pictures. There’s no question now that the Thunderbolt hub is going to have its very own spot in my luggage, because the time it saves is worth every ounce it weighs, that’s for sure!

I want to thank Lexar for providing me with their products and helping me focus on my job. I’ve been a huge fan and bought their products when I started in 2004 and I’m pleased to see that they are still searching for new ways to make our lives easier. From my expresscard CF reader in 2007 (that was something!) to this thunderbolt hub, they always stay one step ahead of anyone else when it comes to files tranfer. And it’s so important!

Find more about Lexar’s Workflow line of products by clicking on this link

Want to see a real-life test? Fasten your seatbelts 😉