Mosconi Cup 2016 - Behind the scenes

Mosconi Cup 2016: Behind The Scenes

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It was the biggest event I’ve ever been to in pool. More than 2,000 people in the audience, a large TV arena, four days of live broadcast… Without a doubt the biggest event of the year.

As in 2014 I had my friend and colleague Stefan Osnabrug from Holland shooting with me. He also is a Nikon shooter and know his craft. I could rely on him in many situations, that made my job definitely easier. In this album I posted a few examples of synced shots, to show what we were going for and what the result was. Sometimes we used both shots, sometimes one was better than the other because of how the situation evolved.

You’ve always got to think before such an event because once it’s done, once it’s all happened, you cannot recreate any of those moments twice. So better be prepared and get the shot!

Thanks to Matchroom for hosting such an event, from which I’m honored to be the official photographer of course. Stefan did an awesome job and was very proud of the outcome of all the work. Can’t wait for next year in Vegas!

Post by JP Parmentier