Nikon D5 Test at Predator French Open

Testing the Nikon D5 at the Predator French Open

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Nikon never ceases to push the boundaries and their latest pro body – the D5 – is even better than the D4s on just about every aspect. What a fantastic piece of hardware it is!

A new, more defined sensor (20.8 mpix) and even more steps in the high ISOs (the native high setting is 102,400!) are the two things I was anticipating after reading about the specs. Now for the surprises: the handling, the new buttons layout (ISO next to the shutter release is indeed very practical), and the very first touch-screen. I can see this feature getting better and better in the future.

I had fun for a couple of days testing it and trying to push the ISOs. The conditions were perfect for me, in a very dark club with only a few lights above the tables. Talk about a challenge! In the end I made some pretty impressive shots above 25600 iso, which is something that is simply impossible to do when you don’t have the right hardware.

Take a look at a few shots and see for yourself: the D5 is the new king of low-light photography!

Post by JP Parmentier